A Whole Heap Of Stuff

As with any trip away there is a whole bundle of bits and pieces that have to be sorted when you get back. There are also some important discoveries I have made:

  1. The cat pissed on the transformer for my main monitor while I was away which promptly exploded when I turned the power back on.
  2. I have lost a third of a stone.
  3. I’ve got three days left to spend a Bullring gift card and I have no idea whats to spend it on yet.
  4. On Demand on Virgin Media is now even more fantastic than before I left the country.
  5. Soundboy Rock, the new and highly anticpated album by Groove Armada (highly anticipated by me) is great.
  6. Swanny has a job! No, it’s not a lie! Even more surprising is that it’s even more geeky than mine!