From Vegas to New York in a Day

From Vegas to New York in a Day

After moaning about the tedium of sorting out photo albums the other day, I spent Sunday

biting the bullet and sorting the remaining images into the file; the best part of 500 photos mounted, plus all the

little tickets, maps and souvenirs along the way. The boredom was alleviated by two things; firstly James was over

so I had conversation/gave tutorials on setting up the Macbook and secondly I was reinstalling Windows on the WDM,

which as anyone knows is one of the devil’s favourite punishments. Gladly I didn’t idly have to sit in front of

the thing all day as it worked it’s Windows Update magic.

Both the photo album and reinstall are complete

now, although there is still some software loading to be done but hopefully the upshot will be that things will run

a bit faster now.

There are a number of projects to get on with today, as is there a need to be making a

number of phone calls… my bill this month is likely to be something ugly.