In Canberra

In Canberra

After being joined by Andrew the day before last, we spent

the evening wondering the city for some food and drink, ending up in an English-themed pub in a large mall where the

they had enclosed an entire building (some Victorian factory) under a huge domed glass roof. Impressive. We then

moved on to find some bar or nightspot, and ended up in a small jazz bar under a restaurant. Impressive d�cor and

some quality cocktails took us up to bedtime when we wandered home to catch some sleep before the drive the next


Andrew hired out a car and after sorting out our Greyhound tickets for the evening we took off for the

Great Ocean Road. The world’s biggest war memorial, it goes on for miles and miles, but in the eight hours we had

we managed to get as far as the 12 Apostles, a coastal rock formation with a spectacular view at sunset. I’ve got

some really nice photos, but once again, can’t get them online here. On the way out we stopped for fish and chips,

and on the way back (which was speedy) we had to grab incredibly fast Subs and rush over to catch our eight hour

coach (saying bye to Andrew who we will be trying to meet up with again in Brisbane). It wasn’t comfortable or

warm, but it leaves us here in Canberra at 9am. We can’t check in yet, but James has been planning our itinerary and

I think it looks like we’re not going to get much of a chance to sit down today…