Last Day In Japan

Today started a bit disastrously. Despite my setting

of my alarm clock, I was woken at 11.15am by reception saying that I had 15 minutes to leave my room before I was

charged an extra fee. Turns out that in my tiredness last night, I didn’t check that the setting was AM or PM;

turns out it was PM. This isn’t really a problem, except that I missed breakfast and I couldn’t grab a morning

shower (sorry Davies, I’m going to stink when I get to Sydney). I hurried out of bed, three hours after I was meant

to, pushed my kit into my bags and headed down to reception. Thankfully they store backpacks for free, and so

that’s where I left my stuff as I trundled next door to the cafe. After glancing at myself in a mirror, I realised

that a coffee was essential, so I had two. An a pastry thing.

After that caffeine kick-start I felt a lot more

awake and decided to make one last tourist-visit before making my way to the airport. Apparently the National War

Shrine at Yasukuni was only three or four stops away on the subway, so I made my way there. This morning I needed an

umbrella. When I arrived I noticed every single person appears to carry one at all time, and after making my

purchase (