Today didn’t quite go as planned. Although we had great plans

absolutely nothing we had expected occurred and everything we did, didn’t; if you know what I mean.

We had

thought that an early rise might have taken us back to Time Sq. for some tickets to go and see Spamaalot (the Monty

Python Musical) but upon arrival discovered that the queue earlier in the day is much longer than in the evenings

and the tickets for the main Broadway shows as extortionate as we thought they would be before we went to


Instead we rounded on a few touristy shops along the street and was approached by a woman to join up

with the Scientologists. We kindly refused her attempts to lure us in to watch the video, and I have Tom Roberts to

thank for the information regarding ignoring these people; after all, who wants to end up like John Travolta or Tom


We then made our way to several other big NY attractions on our list and our plans had to be changed

at every stop. We grabbed lunch from Grand Central station, and although we had then thought we would stop off at

the UN building for a tour, we soon found most of 42nd-47th St. cordoned off with massive security. It turns out

that we hadn’t been the only people to pick today to make a visit – there was a full blown meeting of the General

Assembly starting (a three day event) and with a full scale protest outside to match. In our adventurous spirited

nature, we moved through the ranks of anti-Iranian Presidency protesters and the police to see what exactly was

going on, but soon decided eventually that penetrating the assembled throng wasn’t actually that easy and so headed


We were overwhelmed with vast numbers of black, blacked-out limos heading in all directions, many with

police escorts and it was all amusing to watch. A heavy police presence allowed us to poke fun at the ‘Secret

Service’ who clearly haven’t come to terms with the first part of their division name. Maybe more appropriate

would be the ‘Slightly Obvious Service’ or ‘Quite Easy to Spot Service’ with their big black flak jackets,

branded in the boldest typefont ‘Secret Service’.

We headed back in the direction we had come from and ended

up at the NY Public Library. As we had nothing else to do we took an hour long tour of the library (with the epitome

of the perfect 60 year old librarian stereotype) and got a rare glimpse at a Guttenberg bible (if that means

anything to anyone else – its rare and significant in the story of print).

This cut another chunk out of the

day and so we made a beeline to our next proposed stop – a renowned photography exhibit. Turns out that was closed

for renovation of the exhibit, so we sat in Starbucks and watched the world go by until James suggested a round

trip on the Staten Island Ferry.

We returned later to a very humid Manhattan – apparently hurricanes in North

Carolina are giving us some poor (very sticky) and misty views. It’s very good luck that we did all the sight

seeing we wanted to do in the past two days.

And so we spent our last remaining money on a big meal out just

down the road. Our last night in NYC and we have decided to relax as its been busy all this week. Need to take a

breather before the big flight.

DDS has finally sent me a photo of our first production run. Looking good.

Dandy is nearly set for launch…