Photos Are Go

Photos Are Go

Palace attendant at the City Palace, Jaipur.

In one of the most mammoth efforts I have made on a computer in recent weeks (or even months), I have moved my entire photo collection over to Flickr .

I am very sorry to anyone who was already subscribed to my Flickr RSS feed.

With the best part of 5,500 images moving over from my own site to their new home, and considerable tagging/geo-coding attempt made, I’m hoping to fill the remainder of the gaps in the coming months.

This does however mean that my photos from Nepal, Tibet and India are now available for viewing, and you can see them here .

In an attempt to get back into reading properly (rather than absent mindedly scanning the back of the Weetabix packet of a morning), I visited the library yesterday. I have taken out Seven Years In Tibet (I wanted to read this while I was away), Himalaya by Michael Palin and a couple of academic books to see if I’m missing out on anything there. I have a feeling this is a passing phase, so am trying to make the most of it while it lasts.