Photos from Australia and Japan

Photos from Australia and Japan


a couple of months, I’ve finally got around to uploading all my Australia and Japan photos, which you can now see

in the galleries here…

Although still not entirely happy with the

system, the new Flash layout does give greater visual appeal. One th down side it’s still not showing the photos in

chronological order (the bain of my existence) and if Flash isn’t your thing, then you can use [the old gallery system here]( "HTML

Based") (look in the 2006


Today has been productive, and I’ve finally whittled my inbox down to a skeleton on six messages.

The first time in years. I’ve also managed to pick up a new client who I’m looking forward to working with on a

fairly short term project. Now that I’ve finally hooked up everything on a network it’s tempting to re-format the

WDM (a huge task). Before it was a bit of a nightmare, but

since I got it talking to the Mac backing up has become a lot easier and so this could be the opportune


Still in the computer-related vein, yesterday I took James to buy a new laptop at the Apple Store. My

first Windows/Mac convert! Admittedly the thing that flipped his choice was that you could run Windows on it, but

when he had a couple of plays on mine he decided the difference was manageable and has made the switch. Due to the

bargains going on at the moment he got a pretty sweet deal too; he managed to get the student discount, plus a iPod

nano 4Gb for 30 quid, then a printer for free and Apple care for sixty more. It did knock the initial price up, but

after rebates he’s rolling in it.

I took the opportunity to check out the Mac Pro while I was there, as I

have now resigned to the idea that when the WDM finally falls

over, I’m going to make the switch properly. Fortunately they had a couple set up in the shop and despite not

having Photoshop on either (?) I made the most of seeing what punch it packed. I was impressed with Aperture’s

performance, as I was with the video editing, but it frustrated me not to find more example content to play around

with and so I resorted to the time old industry test (that I just made up) of loading up everything on the dock to

see if it still worked. And it did.

Aim for tonight; get the inbox down to five and hang up the phone for the

first time today.