Skydiving and Surfing

Skydiving and Surfing

I think it was Mother Teresa who once

said, "If your going to take a 14 hour overnight coach, you should definitely try skydiving and surfing the

next day". Okay, so I’m not sure she said that, but if she had, it would have perfectly matched today’s

turn of events.

After leaving Sydney late last night, and a coach journey that was peppered with coughing fits

(not me I might add) and the guy behind me muttering to himself intermittently, we arrived in Byron Bay at 8am this


We needed food, so went for a bacon and egg butty. It was very quickly I noticed the guy in the shop

next door putting out his sign. Skydive special offer. Usually when you encounter an extreme sport, taking ‘Special

Offers’ might indicate that it could be an interesting experience, however I was assured that this was not the

case, "It’s just off season". So I did it. And it was fantastic. Quite possibly the most mind

blowing experience. The DVD makes it look like I was terrified, but in reality I really did feel quite calm. This

would be as opposed to bungee, which scares the crap out of me.

We went up in a little 10 seater, up to 14,000

ft and dropped for 70 seconds of freefall. The sky had been a little cloudy, but the guy who jumped with me (Albi)

said that only added to the thrill. Apparently it shows you just how fast you are travelling, but I didn’t really

see much of the cloud as we shot through it at 200kph. Brilliant.

We were now on a tight schedule. Not content

with one extreme sport, next stop was a crash course in surfing. Heather and James turned out to be semi-pros, and

we’re getting another lesson in tomorrow. All salty and sandy, but it was good weather all the way, and the surfing

was quality.

Tomorrow we move on to Surfer’s Paradise (which we are assured, it isn’t) and will meet with

Cassy. I think we’re going out tonight…